Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Patience Is A Painful Virtue

Being patient is hard. Tolerating things that annoys me everyday is a tough feat yet I still do it.

Why? Beats me.

I'm not exactly and outspoken guy but I was at least more frank about confronting people when their habits are turning into my peeves. But I'm not anymore.

Thing is, I'm not exactly a patient guy either. So most of the time I'm torn between giving someone a piece of my mind or just keeping quiet and brush it off.

Is it the insecurity and fear of losing someone that's causing this? Maybe.

Or the fact that I might hurt someone? Definitely.

That I'm afraid nothing would change and I'll just end up disappointed? That too.

Oh well, happiness is not hard to fake anyway.

Saturday, 8 June 2013


I bet at some point in your life (presumably when you've hit rock bottom) you're reduced to tears because that guy you only dated for 3 months broke up with you (because 3 months is somehow enough to make you love someone), a friend of yours will come along and say:

"It's not worth crying over a guy".

If you're a guy then they'll say:

"It's not worth crying over a girl" (or "suck it up faggot". Depends on what kind of friends you have)

In other words, it's not worth crying over anyone then? So what are all these tears for then?

So my question is, who the fuck should we cry for?

Losing 100 hours worth of save file in Skyrim

Despite what many people believe, I think having someone that is able to make you cry is kinda a good thing. Don't get me wrong it's not that I'm some sort of masochistic perv or anything. And no I do not enjoy being with woman who would make me cry all the time.

Pictured: Not me

It's just that if nobody can make you shed a tear no matter how much they hurt you, you obviously don't have anyone that you care about enough.

For example if let's say your best friend in your whole wide world decided to leave you. If you don't feel sad enough to shed even one tiny teensy bit of tear then something is wrong with you. Sure, maybe some people are emotionally stronger or resilient but no one is truly unbreakable.

Somehow, somewhere in our heart there's a weak spot where a hard enough blow can crumble every single bit of emotional defenses you've walled up around your unbreakable heart.

Also in that same spot is reserved for those important enough to you to reach your most vulnerable side. And those are the people you have to cherish. Those are the people that make you feel like you're on cloud 9 and at the same time if something bad happened related to them that particular cloud 9 will dump you back to the ground and rain depression on you.

Screw you and your happy thoughts

Really not sure the point of this post here but I guess I can conclude that we all have a soft spot for someone. More than often you don't realise it until it's too late.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


I'm gonna go ahead and admit here that at times I can be one hell of an introvert. Means sometimes I don't like to talk much or I just really don't feel like being around people.

One of those 'fuck everyone' moments

Plus with the fact that the "less people less bullshit" principle is already subconsciously ingrained in my head, I tend to just avoid people outright at times. But we all have that kind of moments right? Where you just want to be away from people. Having company is a great thing but there's something you can't easily achieve with people around you. Peace.

And 'happy alone time'

Of course don't mistook me as a complete shutout now. I love making new friends. I love having someone close to me around. It's just that sometimes due to some psychological or emotional reasons, I just want to be left alone. Physically and virtually.

So don't misunderstood my occasional silence/isolation.


p/s : I still hate crowds though
It's 4 o'clock in the morning and I'm wide awake. Long holidays tend to have an impact on my already messed up body clock thus making me sleep at odd hours. It's like jet lag except instead of caused by different time zones it is caused by pointless shits I do at late nights that hinder me from sleeping.

"Maybe I should have an LOTR marathon" - me at 3 in the morning

But....there's something about late nights that I love. Maybe the fact that it's quiet and peaceful. Maybe because it's relaxing and cool. Or maybe because everyone else is asleep so I can hog the internet thus playing online games lag-free. Yeap, definitely that.

Tomorrow(technically today but it's not tomorrow until I wake up) I have things I need to do that requires a lot of energy ergo, I should really hit the sack but I freaking can't.

Oh well. Going to force myself to sleep. I'll end this insignificant blog post with an insignificant picture.

Your argument is invalid


Monday, 3 June 2013

Why 'Nice Guys' Finish Last

Quick, what are the similarities between bitter single guys? If you say they masturbate almost every night to a picture of that cute girl they found on Instagram then you're almost correct. But the actual answer is that they blame their current state on everyone and everything but themselves.

"But I'm a nice guy and I'm a great listener" - almost every guy ever

Sure maybe you ARE a nice guy and a great listener because each time you sat next a girl your tongue gets all frozen and you can't string words properly without stuttering 5 times per sentence but so what? Being nice or not is not the question here. It's how you portray it. 

Those other guys you call 'jerks' are brimming with self confidence and they're great at showing what they can do instead of just listing it down.

I'm funny, smart, caring and fun but I'm totally going to let you figure all that out yourself.

"But I'm not that good looking"

Another self-pity kind of bullshit always uttered. Really looks don't matter that much. Well not as much as you think at least. Seriously if looks does matter then tell me why someone as hot as this

Would ever want to bang someone who looks like he have hair made from birds' nest?


They didn't last, true but still at some point in Russell Brand's life he got the chance to rub his beard all over Katy Perry.

Conclusion is, nice guys finish last because they never actually raced wholeheartedly in the first place.

The Things You Don't Say.

You know those things you've always held back? Things you always wanted to say to someone but can never get it out for some reason or another? Yeah those are the things that will slowly kill you. And it'll take its sweet own fucking time too. 

It's like an emotional cigarette minus the looking cool part

It don't even have to be something bad. It could be an expression of love or confession but each time you try to get it out of your system your heart and head will argue with each other and you'll hesitate. Because you're afraid of what might happen. Afraid that the person might not give you the response you wanted. Afraid that things will turn for the worse. Afraid.


Emotions makes you more of a pussy basically. Meow.


I decided to delete every single post I've ever made, ever and change the whole motive of this blog. Screw all those flashy widgets and shits. I don't even fucking know how they work anymore. All those jumbled up html crap seems nothing more than disorganised symbols, numbers and letters. I think this blog will be geared more towards more personal stuffs now(depends on my mood really and what kind of sudden realisation I have that I feel like immortalising). Well there it is. Here's to a new hello. I guess.