Wednesday, 5 June 2013


I'm gonna go ahead and admit here that at times I can be one hell of an introvert. Means sometimes I don't like to talk much or I just really don't feel like being around people.

One of those 'fuck everyone' moments

Plus with the fact that the "less people less bullshit" principle is already subconsciously ingrained in my head, I tend to just avoid people outright at times. But we all have that kind of moments right? Where you just want to be away from people. Having company is a great thing but there's something you can't easily achieve with people around you. Peace.

And 'happy alone time'

Of course don't mistook me as a complete shutout now. I love making new friends. I love having someone close to me around. It's just that sometimes due to some psychological or emotional reasons, I just want to be left alone. Physically and virtually.

So don't misunderstood my occasional silence/isolation.


p/s : I still hate crowds though

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