Monday, 3 June 2013

Why 'Nice Guys' Finish Last

Quick, what are the similarities between bitter single guys? If you say they masturbate almost every night to a picture of that cute girl they found on Instagram then you're almost correct. But the actual answer is that they blame their current state on everyone and everything but themselves.

"But I'm a nice guy and I'm a great listener" - almost every guy ever

Sure maybe you ARE a nice guy and a great listener because each time you sat next a girl your tongue gets all frozen and you can't string words properly without stuttering 5 times per sentence but so what? Being nice or not is not the question here. It's how you portray it. 

Those other guys you call 'jerks' are brimming with self confidence and they're great at showing what they can do instead of just listing it down.

I'm funny, smart, caring and fun but I'm totally going to let you figure all that out yourself.

"But I'm not that good looking"

Another self-pity kind of bullshit always uttered. Really looks don't matter that much. Well not as much as you think at least. Seriously if looks does matter then tell me why someone as hot as this

Would ever want to bang someone who looks like he have hair made from birds' nest?


They didn't last, true but still at some point in Russell Brand's life he got the chance to rub his beard all over Katy Perry.

Conclusion is, nice guys finish last because they never actually raced wholeheartedly in the first place.


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  2. eh.. lama xnampak.. renovate blog ke?

    btw looks does matter.. maybe for some self confidence kot..

    1. Hahah yes. I'm surprised you still remember me. And yeah true, I guess for self confidence it kindaaa matters.

  3. True, true. And when you look back on it, you'd kinda feel like a bigger idiot for NOT saying anything than trying to say something, even if it means getting rejected. Of course, this'd be pretty much the complete opposite to the high-school mind.

    Ah, growing up.