Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Patience Is A Painful Virtue

Being patient is hard. Tolerating things that annoys me everyday is a tough feat yet I still do it.

Why? Beats me.

I'm not exactly and outspoken guy but I was at least more frank about confronting people when their habits are turning into my peeves. But I'm not anymore.

Thing is, I'm not exactly a patient guy either. So most of the time I'm torn between giving someone a piece of my mind or just keeping quiet and brush it off.

Is it the insecurity and fear of losing someone that's causing this? Maybe.

Or the fact that I might hurt someone? Definitely.

That I'm afraid nothing would change and I'll just end up disappointed? That too.

Oh well, happiness is not hard to fake anyway.

1 comment:

  1. Late comment, I know.

    IMO I think the best way to go about it is that if someone's behaviour ticks you off, just take a sec to consider whether you're getting ticked off because of something that's the person's fault (like they have a personality EVERYONE doesn't seem to like, or they're being jerkish on purpose or otherwise you know it's not you), or yours (you're having a bad day, personal pet peeve etc).

    Once you have that basic idea, you'd know how to go from there. Brush it off if it's you, go "tegur" the fella if it's him. If he listens, cool - you've done him a favour by fixing his personality a bit. If he's clearly not listening, then there's nothing you can do about it, I suppose. Leave the guy be.

    And by tegur of course as polite as possible. It's okay to let the guy know if you're cheesed through your expression or tone if you really can't handle it (since it shows them how serious you are, too), but there's no need to call him/her names or anything.

    My two cents.